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Series 2 | Built-in Dishwasher60 cm


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Width of the product (mm): 598 mm

Height of the product (mm): 815 mm

Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369):

Airborne acoustical noise emissions (EU 2017/1369): 52 dB(A) re 1 pW


Cutlery system: Cutlery basket


Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369): D

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– Capacity: 12 place settings

– Energy consumption in programme ​Eco 50: 290 kWh per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles.

– Power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: 0.1 W / 0.1 W

– Water consumption in programme ​Eco 50: 3360 litres per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles.

– Water consumption in programme Eco 50: 12 litres

– A rated performance for washing and A for drying

– The information relates to the programme ​Eco 50. This programme is suitable to clean normally soiled tableware and is the most efficient programme in terms of combined energy and water consumption.

– Programme time in programme Eco 50: 210 minutes

– Duration of the left-on mode: 0 min

– Fully integrated



5 programmes:


– Intensive 70 °C, Eco 50 °C, Quick wash 65 °C, Quick wash 45 °C, Pre-Rinse

– 2 special options: VarioSpeed, Half Load

– 4 temperatures


Key features


– ActiveWater hydraulic water system

– DosageAssist detergent dispenser


– Load Sensor

– Auto 3-in-1 detergent detection for best rinsing and washing results

– Regenerative electronics


Programmes / functions


– Vario basket system

– Height adjustable top basket

– 2 foldable plate racks in bottom basket

– Cutlery basket in lower rack




– Push button top controls

– Washing + drying LEDs

– Acoustic end of cycle indicator

– Red LED indicators

– LED salt refill indicator

– LED rinse aid refill indicator


Additional features


– Aquastop anti flood device with guarantee

– Servo lock for effortless door closing

– Aquamix – Glass protection system

– Front-adjustable rear foot

– including Steam protection plate

– Polinox drum

– Dimensions of the product (HxWxD): 81.5 x 59.8 x 55 cm

– 10-year guarantee: our convincing promise of quality against rusting of the inner tub.


Additional product information




Width of the product (mm) 598 mm

Height of the product (mm) 815 mm

Installation type Full-integrated

Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369)          

List of programmes Intensive, Normal, Pre-Rinse, Quick wash

Additional operational options half load, VarioSpeed

Digital countdown indicator

Airborne acoustical noise emissions (EU 2017/1369) 52 dB(A) re 1 pW

3rd Rack None

Interior light  

Removable top         

Length electrical supply cord (cm) 175 cm

Length outlet hose (cm) 190 cm

Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369) D




Home Connect          

Connectivity type N/A


Construction type


Color / Material panel Black

Built-in / Free-standing Built-in

Door panel options Not possible

Drying system Inherent heat

Height of the product (mm) 815 mm

Hidden heating element      

Installation type Full-integrated

Removable top         

Tub material Stainless steel

Water softener         

Width of the product (mm) 598 mm


Size and weight


Dimensions of the product (HxWxD) 815 x 598 x 550 mm

Height of removable worktop (mm) 0 mm

Adjustable plinth both horizontal and vertical

Net weight (kg) 29.757 kg




Drying progress indicator Accoustic signal, water inlet

List of programmes Intensive, Normal, Pre-Rinse, Quick wash

Name, programme 1  Intensive

Name, programme 5  Prerinse

Programme duration, programme1 (min.) 135

Programme duration, programme2 (min.) 210

Programme duration, programme3 (min.) 60

Programme duration, programme4 (min.) 29

Programme duration, programme5 (min.) 15

Number of different wash temperatures 4

Temperature, programme 1 (°C) 70

Temperature, programme 2 (°C) 50

Temperature, programme 3 (°C) 65

Temperature, programme 4 (°C) 45

Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369) D




Glass protection techn.        

Surge-back protect. installed

Water protection system Total system


Consumption values


Glass protection techn.        

Energy consumption, programme1 (kWh) 1.5

Energy consumption, programme2 (kWh) 1.02

Energy consumption, programme3 (kWh) 1.3

Energy consumption, programme4 (kWh) 0.8

Energy consumption, programme5 (kWh) 0.05

Water consumption, programme 1 (l) 15

Water consumption, programme 2 (l) 12

Water consumption, programme 3 (l) 11

Water consumption, programme 4 (l) 10

Water consumption, programme 5 (l) 4

Maximum temperature for water intake (°C) 60 °C

Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369) D

Energy Consumption for 100 cycles Eco Programme (EU 2017/1369) 102 kWh

Maximum number of place settings (EU 2017/1369) 12

The water consumption of the eco programme in liters per cycle (EU 2017/1369) 12.0 l

Programme duration (EU 2017/1369) 3:30 h




Connection rating (W) 2,400 W

Length electrical supply cord (cm) 175 cm

Current (A) 10 A

Length inlet hose (cm) 165 cm

Length outlet hose (cm) 190 cm

Plug type Gardy plug w/ earthing



Weight 68 kg
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