M-Range 24000 btu Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

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General Specifications
Cooling Capacity 1.08~6.30~6.86 kW
Heating Capacity 1.08~6.30~6.86 kW
Power Input Cooling 2,010 W
Power Input Heating 1785 W
Running Current Cooling 9.3 A
Running Current Heating 8.7 A
EER 3.21 W/W
10.95 Btu/h.W
COP 3.41 W/W
Power Supply 1 Ø / 220~240 V / 50 Hz
Air Flow Rate Indoor,Max 18.6(657) m3 /min(CFM)
Air Flow Rate Outdoor,Max 50.0 (1,766) m3 /min(CFM)
Sound Level Indoor,H/M/L 45/42/37/31 dB(A)±3
Sound Level Outdoor,Max 55 dB(A)±3
Refrigerant charge (at 5m) R410A,1110(38.8) g(oz)
Additional Refrigerant charge 30(1.05) g/m(oz/ft)
Piping Connections Liquid Side 6.35(1/4) mm(in)
Piping Connections Gas Side 15.88(5/8) mm(in)
Piping Connections Drain Hose (O.D/I.D) 21.5/16(0.85/0.63) mm(in)
Dimensions Indoor (W*H*D) 885x296x236 mm
Dimensions Outdoor (W*H*D) 870x655x320 mm
Net Weight Indoor 9.5 kg
Net Weight Outdoor 41.7 kg
Operation Range Cooling(Outdoor) 18 ~ 48 °C
Operation Range Heating(Outdoor) -5 ~ 24 °C
Max. Piping length 20 m
Max. Elevation Difference 10 m
Weight 80.1 kg
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