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Hob Classica


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Product Family Hob

Aesthetics Classica

Type Mixed

Dimensions 90 cm

Colour Black

Built-in type Ultra-low profile

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Product Family: Hob

Dimensions: 90 cm

Type: Mixed

Built-in type: Ultra-low profile

Power supply: Mixed

EAN code: 8017709290221


Colour: Black

Finishing: Glass

Aesthetics: Classica

Material: Glass

Glass type: ceramic Eclipse

Controls colour: Steel effect

Type of control setting: Control knobs

Control knob position: Front

No. of controls: 1

Slider: Yes

Glass edge: Straight edge

Glass on Steel: Yes

Pan stands: Cast iron

Burners: Smeg Contemporary

Burners Material: Brass

Serigraphy colour: Grey


Total no. of cook zones: 5

No. of gas cook zones: 1

No. of induction cook zones: 4

Time-setting options: Spegnimento automatico

No. of cooking zones with booster: 4

No. of Flexible zones: 2

Main on/off switch: Yes

Power levels: 9


Worktop Cut-Out: 482-486×844-848 mm

Multizone Option: Yes

Flexible Zone Type: MultiZone

End cooking timer: 4

Pause option: Yes

Minute minder: 1

End of cooking alarm: Yes

Residual time indicator: Yes

Limited Power Consumption Mode: Si Advance

Limited Power Consumption Mode in W: 2400 a 7400 – step 100 W

Showroom Demo Option: Yes

Grill function: Yes

Control Lock / Child Safety: Yes

Keep warm automatic function: Yes

Bridge option: Yes

Quick start: Yes

Rapid level selection: Yes


1st zone position: Centre-left

2nd zone position: Rear-centre

3rd zone position: Front-centre

4th zone position: Rear-right

5th zone position: Front-right

1st zone type: Gas – UR

2nd zone type: Induction – Multizone

3rd zone type: Induction – Multizone

4th zone tipe: Induction – Multizone

5th zone type: Induction – Multizone

2nd zone dimensions: 24.0×18.0 cm

3rd zone dimensions: 24.0×18.0 cm

4th zone dimensions: 24.0×18.0 cm

5th zone dimensions: 24.0×18.0 cm

Central Multizone dimension: 38.5×23.0 cm

Right Multizone dimension: 38.5×23.0 cm

1st zone power: 6.00 kW

2nd zone power: 2.10 kW

3rd zone power: 2.10 kW

4th zone power: 2.10 kW

5th zone power: 2.10 kW

Power double booster 2° zone: 3.00 kW

Power double booster 3° zone: 3.00 kW

Power double booster 4° zone: 3.00 kW

Power double booster 5° zone: 3.00 kW

2nd zone booster power: 2.50 kW

3rd zone booster power: 2.50 kW

4th zone booster power: 2.50 kW

5th zone booster power: 2.50 kW

Booster power central Multizone: 3.60 kW

Booster power right Multizone: 3.60 kW


Gas Type: G20 Natural gas

Automatic setting according to pan dimension: Yes

Permanent Automatic Pot Detection with indication of the relative control: Yes

pan detection: Yes

Gas safety valves: Yes

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Automatic switch off when overheat: Yes

Automatic switch off when overflow: Yes

Residual heat indicator: Yes

Protection against accidental start up: Yes


2nd zone energy consumption: 198 Wh/Kg

Energy consumption zone 3: 191 Wh/Kg

Energy consumption zone 4: 191 Wh/Kg

Energy consumption zone 5: 195 Wh/Kg


Gas connection rating (W): 5900 W

Electrical connection rating (W): 7400 W

Voltage (V): 220-240 V

Voltage 2 (V): 380-415 V

Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz

Type of electric cable: Single and Double phase

Power supply cable length: 120 cm


Dimensions of the product (mm): 45x900x510

Depth: 510 mm

Width: 900 mm

Product Height: 45 mm

Net weight (kg): 17.600 kg

Gross weight (kg): 20.300 kg

Weight 6 kg
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