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Hisense HA120 Micro HiFi | HA120 Audio


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Type Micro HiFi System


CD playback disc Yes


Speaker Out: Power 25W x 2 10%


Audio playback format mp3 / wma




Dimension (W x H x D) Main: 180 x 122 x 222.5mm

Dimension (W x H x D) Speaker: 133 x 200 x 220mm

Power Output 25W x 2 10%

Solution (main ChipSet) AliM5677


Media Audio Playback


CD playback disc No

Loader type Front

CD ripping speed No

Programmable track Yes

USB version V1.1

Audio playback format mp3 / wma

USB playback (Files and folders number) FOLD (99) / FILE (999) / FAT/VFAT32 USB

USB ripping No

USB Mass Storage Device (ID3 Tag display) No

USB charging (A) 0.5A




Speaker Out: Power 25W x 2 10%

Speaker Out: Amp type 2.0

Audio – Input Line In – RCA (L/R) – No

Audio – Input Aux-in (3.5mm jack)

Audio – Output Line out – RCA (L/R) – No

Audio – Output Audio out (3.5mm jack) – No

Audio – Output Earphone out (3.5mm jack) – No

WiFi Jack RJ45 ethernet – No

Bluetooth: Solution BK3260N

Bluetooth Version 4.2, F6699

Bluetooth: Streaming Format SBC

Bluetooth: Music streaming (A2DP) version 1.2

Bluetooth: Playback & volume control (AVRCP) version 1.0

Bluetooth: Two-way volume sync No

Bluetooth: Handsfree calling (HFP) No

Bluetooth: Multipair support 1

Bluetooth: Multipoint support 6

Bluetooth: True Wireless Stereo (TWS) No

Bluetooth: Multi-speaker system No

Bluetooth: Enhanced operation range beyond No

Bluetooth: Bluetooth Battery level No

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connect at Standby mode No

Microphone Jack qty No

NFC: Tap to wakeup No

NFC: Tap to pair No

NFC: Type A No

NFC: Type F No

NFC: Tap to break-in No

Voice Control: Solution No

Voice Control: Alexa No

Voice Control: Siri No

Voice Control: Cortana No

Voice Control: Google assistant No

Voice Control: Others No

AirPlay: AirPlay audio streaming No

AirPlay: Music metadata display No

DLNA/UPnP: Render content only (DMR) No

DLNA/UPnP: Find & render content with playback control (DMP) No

DLNA/UPnP: Find & control playback to a renderer No

Network: Solution No

Network: WiFi 2.4G/5.8G No

Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac /b/g/n No

Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac /b/g/n/ad No

Network: Wi-Fi antenna No

Network: Google Cast for Audio No

Network: WPS No

Network: Multiroom No

Network: Others No

APP: IOS /Android No

APP: Upgrade No


APP: Others No


Radio Tuner


Analog Radio: FM/AM FM

Analog Radio: Antenna Type 75Ω

Analog Radio: No . of Presets Per Band 30

Analog Radio: RDS No

Digital Radio: DAB/DAB+ No

Digital Radio: No. of Presets No

Digital Radio: Others No




Clock: Sync No

Clock: Format No

Clock: Date Format No

Clock: Time Zone No

Clock: Time Preset No

Clock: Sleep Timer No

Alarm: No of alarms No

Alarm: Wake to Source No

Alarm: Repeat alarm (Snooze) No

Alarm: Weekday/Weekend Alarm No

Alarm: Gentle wake No


User Interface


LED indicator Red (1pcs)

Display: Screen Type (LED/VFD/LCD) LED

Display: 7-Segement display / matrix display / Dot matrix screen / QTY Characters / 8 Chars

Display: Colour White

Display: Brightness control / Dim No

Keys: Type(touch / tact) tact




Drivers: Magnetical shield No

Drivers: Speaker net Yes

Drivers: Cable terminal type / Insert Nut Solder

Drivers: Cable length / Cable colour External expose 1m / black white

L/R tweeter: Box type Bass Port

L/R tweeter: Box volume

L/R tweeter: Bar freq response 2kHz-20kHz

L/R tweeter: Speaker unit tweeter 1.5″ x 2

Woofer: Box type Bass Port

Woofer: Box volume 3.95L

Woofer: Bar freq response 60Hz-10kHz

Woofer: Speaker unit 4″ x 2

Woofer: Speaker colour Black




Software Upgrade: CD upgrade No

Software Upgrade: USB upgrade Yes

Software Upgrade: OTA upgrade No

Software Upgrade: JTA upgrade (PCBA) No

Software Upgrade: WiFi network upgrade No

Software Upgrade: APP No




AC: Internal / external power supply Internal

AC: Voltage support AC ~ 100-240




Logo: Bluetooth Yes

Logo: NFC No

Logo: ERP II No

Logo: Others No




Power: AC/DC Adaptor No

Power: Detachable power cord No

Cable: 3.5mm line in cable No

Cable: RCA cable No

Cable: Others No

Antenna: FM antenna Yes

Antenna: AM antenna No

Remote control Same HA550

Battery for remote control Yes

Microphone: Wired / Wireless No

Others No




Printing Materials: QSG Yes

Printing Materials: User Manual Yes

Printing Materials: Security tag No

Printing Materials: POP sticker Yes

Printing Materials: Warranty Card Yes

Printing Materials: Others No

Certification: Bluetooth Yes

Certification: NFC No

Certification: ERP II Yes

Certification: CE Yes

Certification: CB No

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