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With a digital programmer and digital display screen, this 1000 watt microwave is ideal when you need dinner in a hurry. Its digital programmer allows you to easily set the cooking time for your food, while its stylish display lets you track the remaining time at a quick glance. Taking up less space in your kitchen, the compact size allows you to place the microwave anywhere you like while still offering 43 litres of cooking capacity.

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Model: DMO401

Rated Voltage: 230-240V~50Hz

Rated input (Microwave) 1500W

Rated Output Power (Microwave): 1000 W

Operating Frequency 2450MHz

External Dimensions: (H x W x D) 311mm (H) ×553mm (W) ×511mm (D)

Oven Cavity Dimensions: (H x W x D) 250mm (H) ×376mm (W) ×432mm (D)

Oven Capacity 43 Litres

Net Weight: Approx. 17.3 kg

Weight 22 kg
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